The Garter Stitch Scarf, Made Prettier

felicity scarf noble knitsI’d guess just about every knitter has at one point or another knit a garter stitch scarf. It’s often one of the first things you knit because it’s an easy way to get comfortable with forming the knit stitch. You don’t have to think about shaping or even how much you’ve knit or how much you have left to knit because you can just keep going until it’s a good length, or you’re bored or run out of yarn.

But this take on the garter stitch scarf from NobleKnits shows you that the plain old garter stitch scarf doesn’t have to be abandoned as soon as you learn how to purl. This is still an easy project, but the yarn choice — a “railroad” yarn with a strand of wool running through the “track” for extra stability — makes it look fancier than it is.

Because this is a novelty yarn it’s a little harder to see your stitches than a plain wool would be, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your first knitting project, but when you’re on garter stitch scarf two or three and are looking for something a little different but still dead simple, this is the one for you.

[Photo via NobleKnits.]


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