Video Tutorial: Engilsh Style Knitting

berrocoEnglish-style knitting, also known as “throwing” or sometimes “right-handed knitting” because the yarn is held in the right hand, is probably the most popular knitting style in the United States. If you’re new to knitting, need a refresher or just aren’t familiar with this method of knitting, this free video from Berroco shows how to make the knit stitch in English knitting.

It goes very slowly so you can knit along and practice should you need to, but it’s a really easy way to knit so it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

I think it’s great to know a couple of different ways to knit in case you need to knit the other way for some reason, and holding one strand in each hand is by far the easiest way to do stranded colorwork.

What’s your favorite knitting method? English, continental, combination or something else? Spill it!


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