Walthamstow Resident Shows Her Olympic Love in Knitting

olympic knitting atlantic

I love knit displays of all sorts, but this is pretty epic. There’s a woman who lives on Howard Street in Walthamstow (that’s in London) who apparently honors all sorts of special events by knitting up a bunch of characters and making her front garden into a knit diorama.

Her display honoring the upcoming Olympic Games first got notice on Facebook, and a British writer for the Atlantic shared the story in its online section Atlantic Cities.

The captions on some of the photos are a little mean-spirited, but in all the write appreciates this as a yarny act of love. And it’s quite diverse, too, with swimming, diving, track and field events and beach volleyball represented, among other events, as well as athletes from Spain, Jamaica, America, Australia and Kenya, as well as a British athlete on the medal podium.

It’s always wonderful to see the ways creativity, passion, time and yarn can combine into really excellent stuff.

[Photo by Feargu O’Sullivan/the Atlantic Cities.]

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