What’s the Right Way for a Man to Wear a Scarf?

tom baker men scarvesA few weeks ago I shared with you a video of different ways to wear a scarf, which was pretty obviously geared toward women, so I thought today I would offer some advice to any male readers — or women who know men who wear scarves — as to the appropriate approach to scarf wearing for them.

This advice doesn’t actually come from me, but instead from Hadley Freeman, a feature writer and columnist for the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

A reader named Gordon — fan of the double wrap with no knot — wrote in to inquire about proper scarf draping technique, and Freeman took the opportunity to explore some of the options and what they say about the wearer. Folding a scarf in half, draping it over the shoulders and pulling the ends through the loop, for example, is defined as the “European knot,” sure to get a Brit labeled as the Euro trash he likely is. Who knew?

Of course sharing this post is really just an opportunity to publish a photo of Tom Baker, who as Doctor Who was a fan of what Freeman calls the drape.

[Photo via the Guardian, from Moviestore collection.]


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