Wrapping up Stash-Busting Month

stash bustingWhew! When I had the idea to do a “little series” on stash-busting this month, I didn’t quite realize what I was getting myself into. It ended up being 16 posts full of ideas, advice, patterns and inspiration.

I hope that it has been as helpful as it was fun, and if you missed any part of it or just want to have a reference to look back on you can find the whole series in the category Use Your Yarn Stash.

There has been such a great response that I think I am going to try to do another one (maybe not quite as big) next month on the topic of finishing: inspiration to finish those projects, the skills you need to do it well, and whatever else comes up.

Please keep sharing your comments and any ideas you have for things you’d like to learn about. That’s what I’m here for!


  1. OHSue says

    Sarah, I really enjoyed this series,, lots of great ideas and some really great patterns. Thanks for putting this together. But I have to confess did buy yarn today.

  2. Cindy Bailey says

    Really enjoyed this series you put together! So many good and interesting ideas, both from the posts AND the comments. Still using up most of my stash on a rug, but I’m also experimenting with using up colors of chunky yarn, in hooded cowls…

  3. says

    Right now I am trying to work more projects from my ever growing yarn stash! I have that terrible problem where I go out to buy yarn for one project, and take home extra for hypothetical projects as well! Stopping by via your blog and via the #SITSBlogging thingy (belatedly!)

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