Yarn Organization

This weekend I thought I would get control of my stash, patterns, books and my knitting tools. I have been known to buy the same colorway of certain yarns again because I am drawn to yarn by color, not necessarily by type of yarn. I have a [tag]palm TX[/tag] to organize my life and use [tag]Documents to Go[/tag] frequently. I am a whiz with MS programs having used them since they were created. (Did I mention I started using computers when I was a baby? LOL)

Because my palm is never far from me, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to also use my palm to get control of my yarn purchasing.

My idea was to create a workbook in excel. In this workbook I would put all my yarns by type, list all my needles, books and patterns. I thought to also list my class schedule and favorite LYS here as well as in my address book.

Well, after digging through my stash, putting all the yarns into bins by weight and logging them into my palm, I came to a conclusion.

It’s more fun to buy the yarns than it is to organize them! Thankfully I don’t have duplicate patterns or books (that has happened before) but this is an endless task!

I think I will take a chocolate break now!

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