Got My New Jordana Paige Bag!

jordana paige bagRemember when I kept telling you about Jordana Paige’s Purses for Preeclampsia campaign? She was selling her flawed bags for $50 each with all of the proceeds going to the Preeclampsia Foundation.

The promotion did not go completely smoothly, but take two was great. I kept an eye on it for most of the day, and the bags were selling out within minutes of going on sale.

I did happen to snag the bag I wanted, too: an L. J. Kaelms in green. This is a really cool bag. It’s huge, for one thing, big enough to be your knitting bag, your purse, probably even hold some supplies for your kids as well (that may only matter to me). It has a ton of pockets for needles, credit cards and other necessities, a key loop and yarn guides so your yarn will not get tangled in the bag.

The only thing I could find wrong with the bag I got is that it doesn’t have its feet (though there are holes for them). I’m willing to live with that for a great deal on a great bag for a great cause!

I heard that the sale raised $13,150 for the Preeclampsia Foundation, which is awesome. We stitchers can be proud of that. I can’t wait to take my bag for a night on the town (date night tomorrow).


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