Have an Old Fridge? Use it for Yarn Storage

You got to see this amazing refrigerator turned yarn storage!Admittedly this is a yarn storage solution that is not going to work for many people, but it’s just so darn cool I couldn’t resist sharing.

The clever blogger behind Inspiration and Realisation found herself with a small refrigerator that wasn’t being used to keep food cold any more, so she decided to convert it into yarn storage.

She moved the fridge to her craft room, cleaned out out well and loaded it up with yarn, which is now adorably out of sight and away from dust and light.

While you might not have an old refrigerator hanging around your house, you might have other unconventional storage solutions that you just haven’t contemplated yet.

Do you have any unusual places you store yarn? Or somewhere in your house you’d like to convert for stash storage? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Photo via Inspiration and Realisation.]


  1. Renee says

    If you have children, please be careful with this idea – if they think this is a place to play, they could lock themselves in.

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