Knit for a Cause: Knotty Knitters for Autism Calendar

knotty knitters calendarI recently told you about the new Calendar of Hope, which is full of original knitting patterns and raises money for cancer research.

I just head about another knitting-related calendar of a cause, the Knotty Knitters for Autism calendar. Instead of featuring patterns, this calendar features models wearing knit objects — and nothing else. One model wears a knit dress, while another hides behind a knit tree. There are ladies in nothing but hats and shawls, others under a throw.

It’s certainly attention-grabbing, anyway. Calendars are $20 plus $5 for shipping. The proceeds go specifically to helping the producer of the calendar’s two grandchildren who are on the autism spectrum, and a donation will also be made to Family for Effective Autism Treatment.

[Photo by Knotty Knitters.]


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