Knit List: Lion Brand Bonbons

lion brand bonbonsThis is one of those things that I started a long time ago and then I started freaking out about my book and decided I couldn’t knit anything else for a while so I abandoned the project and didn’t manage to tell you that I got to try out some of Lion Brand’s new Bonbons yarn and it was a lot of fun.

These teeny, tiny balls of yarn (the fine cotton I sampled has just 28 yards per ball) are great for knitting up little toys, using as trim or just playing with. I was working on a doll dress from the Arne & Carlos book Knitted Dolls, and you can see how far a single ball carried me (I was just about to run out of the lavender, too).

All of the Bonbons yarns come in packs with eight little balls of different colors. In addition to the fine cotton there are also a fine acrylic/metallic and a lightweight acrylic. Each option is available in two color collections.

These little balls are a lot of fun and have inspired me to try to figure out what to do with them. I really want to take the second pack of cotton and make a striped dishcloth, but I”m not sure about the rest.

What would you do with a bunch of tiny balls of yarn? Spill it!


  1. Carrie Thomas says

    any word on if its going to be sold in stores, or online only? Love to have an assortment of colors without buying whole skeins. This is just the right ticket for making knit and crochet toys.

  2. says

    I knit to keep my family warm, and to keep my mind and hands busy. I love that there is such beufaiutl, quality yarn out there so that all my hard work looks great year after year. The photos are just stunning- Great Job!


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