Make an Arm-Knit Scarf for Spring

arm knit spring infinity scarfOne thing that bothers me a little about the arm knitting trend is that a lot of the projects tend to come out looking them same. They’re big, bulky scarves or cowls that may be great for winter but are not so good for knitting or wearing in the spring and summer.

So I was happy to see this video pattern from Happy Hour Projects that makes an arm-knit infinity scarf for spring. Using just one skein of a ruffly scarf kind of yarn, it still looks pretty bulky and is really quick to knit. It’s economical, too, because it does only take one skein that you should be able to buy for $10 or less.

This would be a great project for gift knitting, or to get a group of friends together and try the technique at girl’s night. I’m almost convinced to try it myself.

[Photo via Happy Hour Projects.]


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