Nantucket Bag For Knitters!

nan2About 3.2 seconds after I brought this bag home it disappeared. Now where in the world would I have put that. Oh, really? Yeah! Guess where I found it? In with my husband’s fishing stuff. In a pail. With his lures… all tucked nicely away.

nan1Um, no! Not happening, this is MY bag. And if I decide to use it for MY fishing stuff then so be it. Or maybe MY gardening stuff, or maybe I’ll use it for the reason I originally planned, MY knitting stuff. (or scrapbooking, or tools, or travel, or, or, or…..) No matter, this thing carries it all.

It’s reversible, the 30+ pockets can be on the outside, or you can zip it the other way and the pockets can be on the inside. It’s also convertible, it can be a tote bag, or it can be a backpack (super cool for those of us who ride bikes!)

Comes in polyester or canvas and is very heavyweight, definitely durable enough and ever since I managed to scam it back from my husband it’s become my standard, “stick everything in it and go”, knitting bag.


  1. MaryAnn Alverson says

    I have been looking for a bag like the Nantucket one for a gift but can’t find it anywhere. It is not available at the site listed above. Could you send me a link to where you purchased this bag?

  2. Cheryl says

    Hi MaryAnn,

    I don’t know if you’ve located a site for your bag yet; I just received mine today from QVC. I just happened to be flipping channels and saw the broadcast and thought, “wow, that’s perfect for all my knitting stuff”! I am packing it up now and let me tell you, it is awesome! Go to the qvc website and “search” for totes. Or search by item #A73496. Hope this helps!

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