Now That’s a Great Yarn Storage Solution!

wall yarn storageI’ve seen and shared a lot of different ways to sort, store and display yarn through the years, but this has got to be one of the coolest and cleverest solutions I’ve seen. Bonus: it doesn’t cost a lot, makes all your yarn accessible and turns your stash into a giant work of wall art.

Lorna at Knits for Life recently shared her solution for yarn storage. She bought a pegboard from Ikea, wound all of her yarn into cakes, then arranged it by colors on the wall.

Now her yarn is accessible, beautiful, not taking up space in the closet, and she can knit off the wall! Isn’t that cool?

I can’t quite get past the part where you have to wind all the yarn you own into center-pull balls, but otherwise I would so do this. What about you?

[Photo via Knits for Life.]


  1. Rose S. says

    Looks lovely. However, I wind all my yarn by hand so I fear mine would NOT look so lovely :-)

  2. says

    Oh snap! I’ve both a winder and a swift; this would be do-able if I had the wall space. But how does she keep off dust (and/or cat hair, if her home’s so equipped!)??

  3. Becky PS says

    I like the idea too and wind mine with a winder so I have center pull. But yea, how does one keep the debris off the pretty yarn?

  4. Linda says

    I love this idea but I too wonder about dust bunny buildup. Oh, what would happen if I tripped & knocked it all down? Yes, with me that’s a possibility. I still love the look though & would love to try it if only I had an empty wall.

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