Pin of the Week: A Simple Stockinette Sock

susan b anderson socksAs you may know I’ve declared this the Summer of Socks if for no other reason than I need to amuse myself. Over at About I’m sharing patterns, books and techniques for knitting better socks, and I recently came across a pin on Pinterest that led me to Susan B. Anderson’s excellent blog post about how she knits stockinette socks.

A plain stockinette sock is as easy as sock knitting gets, and once you’ve done it once it really is easy. But you’ll find yourself coming back to a basic pattern over and over again because you don’t really have to think about what you’re doing, so you can knit them anywhere, and they come together pretty quickly because you’re just knitting round after round.

Stockinette socks are perfect for building your sock wardrobe and for wearing every day. Isn’t that a lovely life goal: to only wear handknit socks? I could get behind that.

In addition to the basic pattern, her recommendations for books and other resources are spot-on, so be sure to read to the end.

[Photo via Susan B. Anderson.]


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