Pin of the Week: Use Twined Knitting for a Neat Stockinette Stitch Edge

twined knittingA great pin I picked up recently on Pinterest actually points to an old article about that age-old problem of stockinette stitch curl. Sometimes you don’t want a ribbed edge on a sweater or other garment, but that doesn’t mean you want a huge roll, either.

Stell of Knit…Knit…Frog solved this problem by using a bit of twined knitting at the edge. There’s a video on the post showing how to do it, but basically you’re knitting with two strands of the same color on the same row, working one stitch with the first strand, twisting the yarns together and knitting the second stitch with the second strand and so on alternating and twisting down the row.

The result, she says, is a firm but somewhat elastic edge that adds a bit of interest to stockinette and yet doesn’t curl. It certainly does offer a pretty look for an otherwise basic garment.

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[Photo via knitknitfrog.]


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