Possibly the Cutest Colorful Baby Sweater Ever

colorwork baby sweaterI’ve written a knitting book for babies, and I’m working on one about colorwork for adults, but I’ve not combined the two much. I guess I thought all that colorwork would be too much on a tiny scale, but it isn’t so at all, as the Colorwork Baby Pullover from Classic Elite Yarns proves.

This pretty little sweater is worked in rather muted tones, not pastels, more grown up than you might expect for little kids, too. I like that.

The pattern also gives some nice options for if you want to make the design a little easier (knit stripes instead of the colorwork pattern) or give it a different look, which is always fun.

Would you work a somewhat intensive colorwork project for a little one? Or have you in the past? I’d love to hear about it!

[Photo via Classic Elite Yarns.]


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