Stash-Busting Hats

stash busting hat patternsToday I thought we’d look at a slightly smaller project than scarves and afghans to focus our stash-busting efforts on: hats. Hats are one accessory that you can make really wild (well, scarves, too, I suppose) and throw lots of different colors together to make something really fun to knit and to wear.

Of course you can throw stripes on any basic hat pattern (I have a kid’s version I did with a bunch of sample balls and an adult’s version done in a particular sequence of stripes) but if you need more visual inspiration here are some more projects to check out. stash busting

Lots of basics on the same theme of using big stripes, often broken up with purl ridges, such as the Stash Hat by Christina McNamee, Casey Braden’s Stash Buster, A Colorful Hat for Baby by Amanda Cathleen Morgan and the Scrap-happy Celebration Hat (also kid sized) by Cosette Cornelius-Bates.

Christy Wasson’s Striped & Slouchy Hat and the Destashification Slouch Hat show how simple stripes work in stockinette, and Melody Lisa’s Scrappy Gnome hat brings pixie pride to any member of the family.

The Slip-Stitch Hat by Renee Rico is offered in three different sizes so you can bust stash for every member of your family.

If you have extra bits of sock yarn and don’t want to use them to knit socks, check out Kelly McClure’s cute Sockhead Hat.

Don’t forget that you can use stash on stranded knitting projects, too, like Sheila MacDonald’s Inga Hat or the Scrappy Gems Fair Isle Hat by Tina Edgar. And then there’s Lee Meredith’s Vortex; originally worked in Noro, it would be lovely as a stash buster, too.

Do you have a favorite stash-busting hat pattern? I’d love it if you’d share!


  1. Becky PS says

    Sarah, thanks for these patterns! Just started working on a scrap bustin’ scarf and a hat would make a new ensemble for me!

    This is a really fun series!


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