Stitch Marker Necklace Reviewed

Have you ever run across jewelry that was just sooo pretty you had have it? Even if you really never wear a lot of necklaces, this Stitch Marker Necklace is a must for you or all the knitters on your gift list (she also makes matching earrings as well as shawl pins, sticks bag rings, belt buckles, zipper pulls, and various sizes of buttons).

Shown is the “Twig” design. Annie Adams has desiged this line. Easily worn just for the asthetics itself, the “dangles” on this necklace are actually a set of 7 stitch markers. The black beads on the charms add an elegant touch, almost a “study” in black and silver. Beautiful on it’s own, no other colors are needed.

The chain is a sterling silver and comes 30″ long. The clasp that holds the stitch markers on the necklace is easy to maneuver, yet it appears that it is heavy enough to not come undone by itself. The necklace itself , also of sterling silver is rather heavy, like a pendant.

I wouldn’t put this jewelry in the “dainty” category, but I personally like the sturdiness of this set (I’m a bit clumsy, and while I wouldn’t wear it out to feed the cows, I like knowing that if I forgot to take it off at night, it would still be intact in the morning.)

Take a look at the closeups below, then go to Annie’s Site to order your own.

The 1st picture shows the necklace with 3 charms attached, and the other 4 removed.

The closeup below shows the necklace with 3 of the 7 charms still attached.


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