Tea-Loving Character Actress Starts Line of Tea Cozies

go on tea cozyI am a big fan of tea, but I have to admit that I do not own a tea cozy. I have an electric tea kettle and brew my cuppas one at a time. But I love the look of a knitting-bedecked teapot, so I can definitely see the appeal of the Go Ons, a line of tea cozies designed and knit by Pauline McLynn.

If you don’t know who that is you’re probably not a fan of British television. McLynn is an actress and author probably best known for her role as the tea-loving Mrs. Doyle on the Father Ted series. The cozies are named for a favorite line of that character, “a go on!”

McLynn says she learned to knit from her mum and her gran could knit aran-patterned hats from the designs in her head. The cozies are a little less fancy than that, but they are each unique and many have beads, bobbles or novelty  trim on them as well as being handknit.

The cozies cost between 50 and 90 euro and are sold in small (2 cup), medium (4 to 6 cup) and large (6 plus).

[Photo by Pauling McLynn.]


  1. lyn lewis says

    Am sure they are delightfully knitted but frankly at those prices, I think the jokes on whoever buys one lol

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