Unraveling May Harm Yarn

berroco yarn unravelingWe’ve all been there. Either you made a big mistake while knitting and need to rip out a bunch of your work (I have a project on timeout right now for this very reason) or you’ve abandoned a project and decide you don’t want to knit it after all so you need to tear it out.

Most yarns can handle a little ripping back with ease, but after repeated rippings your yarn can show signs of wear. Emily at Berroco explains that the structure of the yarn and how or whether its plied plays a major role in whether yarn can take multiple unravelings.

Singles yarns are more fragile than yarns that are plied firmly, so if you’re working a new stitch pattern in a more delicate yarn you may want to practice your moves with something more stable first and move on to your real yarn once you get the hang of it to limit damage to the fibers. Smart advice.

Have you ever ripped a yarn back so many times that it got messy? I will admit to having thrown away mohair because it’s so hard to rip back!

[Photo via Berroco.]

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