Warm Up America – Knitting Patterns

from Emma Jones of the Prime Writer News Network brings us this article on Warm Up America. ”

“Volunteer knit or crochet a rectangle (or squares) measuring at least 7” x 9” and contribute the rectangles to their local Warm up America chapter. The rectangles are assembled into afghans and then distributed through local chapters or the organization’s foundation. Warm Up America maintains a list of charities that they distribute the afghans to including nursing homes, shelters, hospitals, churches, day care facilities, hospice centers, and through the American Red Cross.”

Read the rest of the article, here: http://primewriter.com/news-1246-headlines/?p=5571


  1. G. Tucker says

    I am interested in getting my elderly cousin interested in the crocheted squares. She loves doing this kind of work but has been out of practice. I want to get her interested in living again and think she would be an asset to this program. Can you send me info or could you send it to her? If so I will send the address after hearing from you. Many thanks in advance

  2. S. MCDIARMID says

    Warm Up Canada
    Is there an address in Canada where I can drop off all my knitted squares when finished?

    I am not close to Michael’s in my area this Saturday January 18/13!
    I am a disabled female.

    Question:Is it 35 sts by 9″ squares or 16 sts by 9″?
    Any help would be appropriated.
    Thank you

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