Knit a Little Heart

heart knitting patternsI got a little distracted by all the stash busting and just realized I haven’t really shared any Valentine’s Day projects with you yet this year. Never fear, there’s still plenty of time to knit a token of love, and I’ll be sharing a bunch in the coming days.

To start I thought I’d focus on heart shapes that might not be useful for much other than decorating a package or being adorable. Still, there’s something irresistible about knitting the heart shape; I kind of want to make a whole garland of them! That will have to wait until next year, probably.

I’ve knit a lot of hearts in my day, I must say. I started with the Knit Heart, which is my go-to, thanks-for-being-a-great-person gift. I can knit one in about an hour and they’re always well received. The small knit heart is the one I would use for a garland.

I recently made this knit fabric heart, which I really love because it’s kind of clever. If you’ve ever used any of those novelty fabric yarns you know they’re pretty floppy and don’t really have any structure. Well I figured out a way to work it with a base yarn so that you could give it some shape — in this case, a heart shape. It was really fun and a quick project, too, which I always like.

The most useful of this bunch is the heart-shaped washcloth. This one is by Nicky Green, but there are any number of similar patterns.

Michele Wilcox form Red Heart UK has some cute heart-shaped pillows worked in eyelash yarn that would be great for a teenage girl’s room.

The little hearts from Mochimochi Land are irresistible with their little eyes, while the stash-busting hearts from Natural Suburbia would be another great choice for a gift tag or a garland. And Joanna Alport’s Heart of Many Uses could be stuffed with lavender and tucked in a drawer or filled with rice for a hand warmer.

Have you ever knit any hearts? I’d love to know what you used them for.


  1. KateMet says

    I have made hundreds of the Mochimochi hearts. I adapted the pattern to knitting in the round, and have made garlands, and Valentine gifts for my niece’s class a few years. I also like to give them as little ‘get well’ or ‘I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time’ gifts. I’ve also left them in random spots like libraries, waiting rooms and bookstores.


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