More Benefits from Creative Hobbies Like Knitting

knitting health benefitsA couple of new stories have come out recently about how great knitting and other creative hobbies can be for our health and our life.

A study from San Fransisco State University found that creative hobbies of any sort caused people to be better problem solvers at work. Researchers said they thought the freedom of self-expression that creative hobbies played a role in helping people be more flexible and creative at work as well.

And a story in the Washington Post looks at a lot of benefits of knitting and other hobbies, noting that most crafters say they feel happier after a session with the needles and says that studies have shown creative hobbies to be stimulating for the mind, reducing the risk of cognitive decline.

They also reduce the effects of stress, can be used to help people with motor issues like those caused by Parkinson’s disease, and may even be beneficial as a treatment for eating disorders.

While it can’t really be studied, most of us know the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from a successful knitting session, which certainly carries over into making us feel capable of doing other things we might at first think of as difficult.

I’d love to hear your stories about how knitting makes you feel healthier, more accomplished, whatever. And don’t let anyone tell you not to pick up your needles!

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