Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks….

header_1I learned something new today! Thanks to Alice of TheKnitStitch.com

All yarn is not equal (that part I did know).
Besides being many different colors and styles, yarn comes in different weights, and makes a huge difference in what we knit. (Yup, got that one too, but read on!)
On the yarn label, look for the little “skein of yarn” which will have a number in it.
#1 is fingering or superfine yarn.
#2 is sport or baby yarn.
#3 is light worsted.
#4 is medium, worsted or aran yarn.
#5 is bulky, heavy worsted or chunky.
#6 is super bulky.
The thicker the yarn, the more difficult is can be to knit, so if you are new to knitting or have stiffness in your fingers, stick with the lighter yarns for most of your projects.
The morale of the story? I can go back to bed now as I’ve learned something new today!

Nope, got knitting to do….. Thanks Alice!

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